Within each of us is the light of our Soul. This is a sacred gift, our personal wisdom and connection to the infinite divine. How do we tap into it?  With intuition.  If you can learn to ride a bicycle, you can learn this.  Many people have intuition.  Jean has been coaching them on how to use it with confidence for over two decades.

This is my mission, to intuitively connect you to your soul and your truth. Then you will find the path to manifest your magnificent life! You will be an indivisible light.

I would love to work with you.  These options are available:

Seminars  Use practical intuition to broaden horizons and find new solutions for your organization.

Intuitive Coaching Many people know they are intuitive.  This seven week program will demystify intuition and give you confidence and experience in using yours while you review significant life issues. You will emerge with intuitive tools that work in any situation and know how to find your answers to the challenges and opportunities of life.  Another option is life coaching, where I will introduce selected intuitive tools as they apply.

Access channeled teachings from blue whales, giant sequoias and more.  Check out In the Light for messages pertinent to the raising of the consciousness of humanity - today!  Books with these teachings are now available at

Life's journey is yours to create and discover.
I will be delighted to travel with you to find your inner indivisible light.
The time is now; the place is here

Your Friend in the Light, 
Jean Rivard

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